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After selecting all your options, please enter the amount of advanced tickets that you need to purchase in the 'Units' text box in your shopping cart and click the 'Update' button to see your new price. If you wish to purchase optional train and/or carrousel tickets at $2.00 each, select the 'Continue Shopping' button from the shopping cart to return to this page and click the 'Buy' button for each of the pre-paid ticket options you'd like. When you return to the shopping cart, enter the number of each of these tickets needed in the 'Units' text box in your shopping cart.

By submitting your registration below, you agree to have read the guidelines for a daytime event at Niabi Zoo. Downloadable Daytime Agreement Form.

Advanced ticket sales much be picked up at least one week prior to the event.

Event Advanced Tickets - $7.00

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Contact Phone:
Event Date:
Event Time:
Group Name:
Optional Animal Program:
Optional Behind the Scenes:
Optional Time with Niabi Bobbi - Zoo Mascot:

Event Pre-Paid Optional Train Tickets - $2.00

Event Pre-Paid Optional Carousel Tickets - $2.00