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Coins for Conservation

Help animals out in the wild just by coming to the Zoo!

Did you know that $.25 of every admission goes to conservation projects around the world? 
By purchasing a zoo ticket, you are helping us help animals.
When you purchase a ticket to the Zoo, you'll receive a token that you can use to vote for which project you would like your money to go to. You could double the impact by donating an additional quarter of your own!


Check out our Quarters for Conservation Projects!

Snow Leopard Trust

- There are only 4,000-6,500 snow leopards left in the wild

- The Snow Leopard Trust educates local people on how to live with and help snow leopards.

- The trust also studies and tracks snow leopards to learn more about them.

- Because of your visit to the Zoo and generous donations, we were able to donate over $9000 to the Snow Leopard Trust!

Click here for more information on the Snow Leopard Trust 

Mind the Monarchs!

- Every third bite of food we put into our mouth is thanks to pollinators like monarch butterflies and bees.

- Monarch butterfly populations are having problems because of the disappearance of the plants, like milkweed, that they need here in the Midwest as well as their migration spots in Mexico.

- Monarch Watch helps showing you how to grow your own pollinator garden as well as providing milkweed, tagging monarchs, and so much more!

Click here for more information on Monarch Watch!

Rescue the Racer!

- This critically endangered snake is estimated to have only 1000 individuals left in the wild.

- Since the Antiguan Racer Recovery Program has started, local bird species are flourishing, with an increase of 30 fold!

- The Fauna and Flora group is responsible for breeding and re-introducing Antiguan Racers as well as educating the public of their importance.

Click here for more information on the Fauna and Flora International Antiguan Racer Project! 

Back the Bell Bird!

- This Central American bird's population is extremely vulnerable due to habitat loss, with only an estimated 700 birds left in the wild.

- The 3 Wattled Bell Bird is incredibly important for seed disperalof plants and trees throughout the forest.

- This project captures and satellite tags the birds to help monitor and map the movements.

Click here for more information on the 3 Wattled Bellbird Conservation Monitoring Program!