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Zookeeper Chats

Giraffe-Feeding-Carrot.jpgEver wanted to know what it's like to be a zookeeper? How do you feed and care for a lion? Here's your chance to get these questions and many more answered by the actual experts! Join our Zookeepers in front of the animal habitats each day to discover how our dedicated staff cares for our amazing animals!

Monday: Noon - Red Wolves, 3pm - Dromedary Camel

Tuesday: Noon - Sloth (in Biodiversity Hall), 3pm - Colubus Monkey

Wednesday: Noon - Zebra, 3pm - Aldabra Tortoise (between Giraffe and Biodiversity)

Thursday: Noon - Bald Eagle, 3pm - Amur Leopard

Friday: Noon - Snow Leopard, 3pm - Gibbons

Saturday: Noon - Giraffe, 3pm - African Crested Porcupine (in Biodiversity Hall)

Sunday: Noon - Oceans, 3pm - Reptile Feeding