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Field Trips

Field trips are available for groups any weekday that the Zoo is open. When selecting a date, please consider a weekday other than Thursday or Friday as they are our busiest days. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. (Dates towards the end of the school year usually fill up fast.)

Educational Programs

Niabi Zoo educators can provide a variety of 20-30 minute programs for your group. Program topics include North American animals, large cats, or reptiles. The additional fee is $1.25 per person per program, and available to any field trip group.  There is a maximum of 30 people per program, including chaperones. If more than 30 people wish to attend a program, an additional program will be scheduled.
  • Cats: Have you ever seen a lion’s tooth? How sharp is a tiger’s claw? In this program your group will learn what it takes to survive at the top of the food chain.
  • Giraffes:  These gentle giants are the tallest animal in the world, yet it is their graceful elegance that makes them stand out in the crowd. Learn about the surprising contrasts and amazing adaptations which make giraffes the superstars of the African savanna.
  • Wolves:  Meet our new red wolves and hear the awe-inspiring story of how this species was rescued from the very brink of extinction. You’ll hear how zoos and research facilities have worked together to bring you a conservation story with a happy ending.
  • * Reptiles: They're slithery! They’re scaly! But don’t call them slimy!  Learn all about the world of reptiles and what
    makes them unique. Get up close and personal with some of our favorite repitilian ambassadors. This program is presented in one of the Zoo classrooms.
  • Birds: From tiny finches to stately ostriches, this is a crazy group of animals. Learn what makes them all the same – and why are there so many differences. We’ll meet a bird and learn about how survival strategies determine everything from “beak to feet.”
  • **Rainforest Animals:  Visit some Niabi Zoo animals that are native to one of the most extreme and most endangered environments in the world. Imagine life in the jungle; learn about the many dangers (both natural and man made) these animals face everyday – and about how you can help them.
  • **Passport to Africa: You may have met our giraffes before; but this time, let’s take a quick tour of some other African animals.  Some, such as the zebra and lion share the African savanna with the giraffes, others come from completely different habitats - all within the same vast continent of Africa.
 * Although all programs can be tailored to any age group, these programs are especially appropriate for younger audiences.
able to keep up with the pace of the group.
** These are short walking tours. All participants will need to be able to keep up with the pace of the group.

One way for teachers to prepare for the field trip is to check out our Teacher Resources area which includes Curriculum Materials and Zoo Activity Packets. Kids will enjoy the Kids' Fun section which includes Games & Activities and Conservation for Kids.

Rides, Food and More Fun

Train rides and carousel rides are available for an additional $2.00 each per ride. Pony rides (seasonal) are available for $4.00 per ride.
Visitors can feed the animals at the petting zoo and the koi pond with feed available for purchase in those areas.
The Wild Things Gift Shop offers Zoo Grab Bags for $2.50 each. Each bag contains 15 items including crayons, coloring book, and tattoos. Grab bags may be pre-purchased and can be picked up at the Gift Shop on the day of your visit.
Field trip groups are allowed to bring your own lunch or enjoy food from our concession stand. If you plan on having a picnic lunch, you will eat on the Festival Lawn, located between the carousel and Australian Walkabout. (Remember no straws allowed in the zoo).

Registration and Fees

A field trip registration form must be completed. All field trips must be pre-paid at the time of registration. Payments can be made with cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). We do not accept purchase orders. Confirmation of your registration will be sent via email within 10 business days of receiving your registration.
Field trip groups visiting the Zoo must have proper adult supervision in a ratio of at least one adult for every five children. These chaperones must stay with the children they are supervising. Required chaperones will be admitted free of charge. Additional adults, siblings (ages 3-17), and other guests will be charged a reduced field trip rate if purchased with the group at check-in. Additional guests entering the Zoo without the group will be charged full admission price.

Please see the appropriate listing for your school or group: