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No matter the age, we have the class!
From Zoo Tots to Homeschool to Scout Programs, check out what the Zoo has to offer.


Zoo Tots

Grab your tot and head to the Zoo for this 60 minute class. Let us help introduce your little one to the animal world. With up-close animal encounters, crafts and a story the Zoo will make the animal world come alive!

Designed for children ages 2-4
First Thursday or Saturday from 9:30-10:30 (classes are the same on either day but topics are different each month)

April & September-October:  Zoo Members $9
                                          Non-Zoo Members $12 (admission into the Zoo is included)
November-March:  Zoo Members $5
                           Non-Zoo Members $8 (the Zoo is closed, no admission after class)

We do require payment in advance, you can pay for programs by creditr card over the phone, mailing in a check or stopping by the Zoo to pay.

Date Topic
Thursday, September 4 or Saturday, September 6 Big and Small-From giraffes to lorikeets, let's look at the big and small of it all here at the Niabi Zoo
Thursday, October 2 or Saturday, October 4 Tails- Discover what animals have tails and what they use them for.
Thursday, November 6 or Saturday, November 8   Run, Walk, Slither and Slide- Animals move in all different ways, we'll see how many ways we can move too!
Thursday, December 4 or Saturday, December 13 What Big Eyes You Have-Animal eyes come in all different shapes and sizes, let's try to see what they see.
Thursday, January 8 or Saturday, January 10 Smile- Some animals have sharp teeth, some round teeth and some no teeth at all. Explore teeth with us.
Thursday, February 5 or Saturday, February 7 It's Cold Outside- We'll look at animals that like the cold, even without gloves and hats!
Thursday, March 5 or Saturday, March 7 The Nose Knows- Some are long and some are short and some animals use their tongues to smell!
Thursday, April 2 or Saturday, April 11 Spring is in the Air- We'll listen for the birds and hunt for flowers as we look for signs of spring all around us.

Please call 309-799-3482 ext 222 or email for any questions or to register.

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Monthly Home School Programs

This 2 hour class will help bring science to life for your homeschool children! From meeting animals up-close to science experiments to tours of the Zoo, we'll do it all!
Each month is a different topic and is designed for ages 5-12 (children must be at least 5 years old to attend the class).
Parents may attend but will be charged.
Classes run from 9:30-11:30.
Registration is required and class size is limited to 25 participants.

September-October & April:  Zoo Members $11
                                          Non-Zoo Members $14 (includes Zoo Admission)
November-March: Zoo Members $7
                          Non-Zoo Members $10 (Zoo is closed, no admission after class)

We do require payment in advance, you can pay for programs by credit card over the phone, mailing in a check or stopping by the Zoo to pay.

Date Topic
September 10 What Do You Zoo? A closer look at how zoos work, what kind of jobs there are and how we take care of our animals here at Niabi Zoo.
October 8 Creepy Crawlies- from snakes to cockroaches, let's take a closer look at those amazing animals that might make you go ewww.
November 12 Grossology- How does a vulture keep himself cool? Why does a lion like to roll around in zebra poop? We'll answer all this and more!
December 10 Tis the season- The weather is getting colder and it's time to break out the hats and gloves, but what do the animals do? Discover their amazing adaptations that help them stay warm.
January 14 Under the Sea- Crabs and octupus and sharks oh my! Explore the ocean with us without ever getting wet.
February 11 Animal Extremes- Animals come in all different shapes and sizes, explore the extremes with us.
March 11 Migration Mayhem- From butterflies to birds, migration is starting. Let's learn about the journey's these animals are making and if we can help them along the way.
April 8 Animal Olympics- Can you flap your arms as fast as a hummingbird? Jump as far as a frog? Run as fast as a giraffe? Let's find out!  

Please feel free to call 309-799-3482 ext 222 or email with any questions or to register.


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Scout Programs 

Badge in a Day Programs:

Bring your scout group to the Zoo and earn a badge too!
These programs last approximately 2 hours and will help meet requirements of badges through animal encounters, tours of the Zoo and so much more!
Programs are available throughout the year, just contact us to set up a date.

Scouts: $15 Leaders/chaperones: $10 April-October
Scouts:$10 Leaders/chaperones: $5  November-March

Want the full Zoo experience? Bring your troop to a Zoo Snooze!

What is a Zoo Snooze?

A chance to experience the Zoo in a whole new way by spending the night here!
This amazing program gives you and your group a once in a lifetime experience to discover the Zoo at night, meet animals up close and so much more.
Your adventure begins at 7:00 pm and finishes at 9:00 am the following morning and a snack and light breakfast are included.

Minimum of 20 people required to book a zoo snooze

Must be age 5 and up to participate, at least 1 adult chaperone for every 5 children required

$40/person ($35 for Zoo members)

If you have any questions, please call 309-799-3482 ext 222. You can register over the phone or by clicking on the link below.

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Can't come to the Zoo? Let the Zoo come to you!

Through our Outreach Education Program, zookeepers will bring a variety of Zoo animals to your group's meeting or facility and deliver a program about the animals. Niabi Zoo's role in animal conservation is also presented. 

Please fill out the form below with your request. A fee is charged in order to support our education programming.

*Date Requested:
*Time Requested:
  Programs must be scheduled four weeks in advance.    
*Name of venue:
*Address of venue:
*Contact Name:
*Contact Phone:
We request that you provide a parking spot as close to the door as possible.
Where can our zookeeper park?
What door should the zookeeper enter through with the animals?
*Approx. how many people do you expect?
About what age?
*Security Code:
Is three < than seven? (true/false)

We request that you have a large table (8 foot rectangular) set up when we arrive.
If you think a PA system will be necessary, please have one available.

Once we receive the registration form, a confirmation will be emailed to you. Your event is not considered scheduled until you have received confirmation.

Outreach Education Request PDF Form

Please call 309-799-3482 ext 222 if you have any questions!